Specializing in restoration work, interior painting, faux finishes, and murals.

PaintingFrank Sinicrope first dipped his brush into the waters of business administration, but he found that he valued his independence more and has been a painting contractor since 1989. Frank is an expert in restoration work, interior painting, faux finishes, and murals.

Most people think that painting the interior of a house is a job that requires just a couple of tools, a high level of boredom, and very little experience. Only after they’ve come to the end of their messy first job do they begin to wonder about that old guy in painter’s whites they once saw working at someone else’s house. How could he paint an entire room in a seamlessly choreographed sequence of brush and roller strokes before his second cup of coffee and not spill even a drop of paint? I’m not that old guy yet, but I am a painting contractor.

People always ask me how they can improve their painting techniques. If you consider the act of painting on par with a trip to the dentist, the answers ahead will provide some Novocain to ease the pain of your next painting project.


In The News...

  • Frank Sinicrope is featured in the Fine Home Building magazine (Issue #166) called painting solutions and also “Painter-How-To" on their website as well.
  • He was cited in Inspired House Magazine as well, which is a another magazine.
  • Frank was featured as “the expert” painter on National Public Radio In January 2002 in Connecticut .

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