We have been Painting for our Real Estate Agents and their clients for the past 7 years.

Sellers, buyers, updating your home, Retail, Office Spaces

It’s our passion and our attention to detail when working with our clients that we produce the best product possible.  We meet with the agent or agent’s client, review the home and what their needs are.  Submit a proposal/Estimate for their review in detail of the work to be performed.

We engage with our clients and find out what their needs are to complete the project.

We keep in touch with the agent or client from the time we arrive to the time we leave by phone, email or text.  Progress reports are given each day.  If we have concerns regarding any possible electrical or water issues, we contact the agent or homeowner at that time.  When requested, we will take photos on a daily basis and send them to the client.

Once we have been approved to start the project, we confirm a time line as to when we are to start and to finish.  Once we start in a home, we remove all face plates, nails, screws, window coverings that are not being put back up and fill holes and texture as needed.  Rooms are painted by priority when needed.  Furniture, floors, cabinets and counters are covered before painting.

When the job is completed, we replace outlet covers and face plates with new covers, remove all trash, clean counters and sweep and remove all supplies.

A walk through is conducted with the agent or homeowner once painting is completed.